Nutrition Tip To Combat Seasonal Affective Disorder


Frances O’Neil, R.D., M.S.W., C.D.E.

Although many people enjoy the extra hour of sleep gained recently, for some it signals the start of winter time blues. Many people have difficulty with the shorter days  and longer nights and may experience depression, additional stress, difficulty getting out of bed in the morning, difficulty concentrating, etc. There are many things we can do to minimize the effects of diminished daylight or making the most of the daylight we have: taking a short break/walk outside or at a window after the sun is up if work starts early, getting out for lunch opening the curtains or shades while the sun is out are a few.Certain foods can help as well by affecting the body’s serotonin level. Apricots contain the amino acid tryptophan which gradually raises the serotonin levels and keeps them elevated. Other fruits which may help include apples, plums, pears grapefruits and oranges.
For more simple changes or household remedies that may help with SAD, Click Here


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