Do You Squat Like A Girl Or A Chump?

This should be mandatory viewing for everyone who squats or for that matter everyone who lifts weights. If you can’t get as deep as this 115 girl (with 135 lbs. on her back) then reduce the poundage – to an empty bar if necessary – until you can perform 20  full repetitions. A “full” aka “deep” squat requires depth in which the TOP of your thigh be parallel to the floor as demonstrated by this young woman. While she bangs out  technically perfect deep squats, rep after rep , some Chump in the background is doing weak-ass quarter squats,  with the same weight, while wearing gloves and using the bar pad … pitiful …. Now Go Get Strong! PK


One thought on “Do You Squat Like A Girl Or A Chump?

  1. Pete, if you are coaching that girl tell her the idea of going low is great but she should train herself to pick a spot on the ceiling and look at it to get better better and easier tech.

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