America’s Top Online Trainer

Pete Koch Online Fitness Coaching is my way of helping people to realize their lean fitness and ultimate health potential through direct phone consultations and personalized programming. No generic programs – ever!

My four decades of fitness and sports training combined with a life long commitment to the principles of ‘healthspan’ (nutrition, sleep, recovery) have positioned me to help people maximize their strength, vitality and mood. Through my online programing I can program fast, safe fat loss, and rapid muscle developing/toning. The best part is you’ll feel your mood elevate and confidence sky rocket. Online training is a cost effective investment in yourself because you stop wasting time with ineffective training and eating strategies and for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one training.

Here’s how it works!

Program: Based on your information, I will write you a personalized Strength, Cardio and Fitness workout program that is custom designed to meet your specific goals. I can write the program from scratch or modify your existing program, whichever your prefer.

My three decades as a fitness professional and six years in the NFL has given me unique insight into what it takes to be the best; as we say in the NFL “be a professional in everything you do”.

Aside from optimizing athletic performance my expertise includes: general strength development, hypertrophy/bodybuilding, powerlifting, youth training, injury prevention, women-centric training, corrective exercise and importantly – fat loss.


Contact: me for details of the different packages I offer that fit everyone’s need and budget.

My Impression of The 2014 CrossFit Games

This past July marked my forth straight year of attending the CrossFit Games in Carson, CA. I’m lucky to live just 20 miles from The Stub Hub center which houses the ever growing event. I like attending the Games for several reasons beyond the excitement of the live competition which consistently enthrall. Foremost I like the people that I meet when I’m there; Games friends from years past and new friends.

I’ve gotten to know 2013 Games competitor Carla Nunes da Costa and enjoy immensely listening to her insight as the events unfold. I had the opportunity to meet several CrossFit celebrity athletes like Games veteran the super cool Katie Hogan  (also my CF Level 1 Instructor) and Games legend the amazing  7 times Games competitor Becca Voigt. Also had a chance to meet ultra-inspirational athlete Kevin Ogar. I met Biggest Loser trainer and CrossFit athlete Bob Harper who was gracious with his fans. A highlight of my weekend was getting to know the founder and creative genius of one of my favorite CrossFit-esque companies Afro Brutality Mr Syn Martinez.

My favorite conversation all weekend may have been with world renown CrossFit Coach and founder of Gymnastics WOD Carl Paoli. I bought his new book FreeStyle while at the games and he was kind enough to sign it for me. I highly recommend this book to all athletes and coaches looking to improve training and performance.

For the forth consecutive summer I spent a long weekend soaking up all that goes on at The CrossFit Games and once again it was BLAST! The events rocked, the vendors area was super fun and the crowd was both enthusiastic and Southern California chill. If you ever get a chance to check out the Games for yourself I say come on – you’ll have a great time right along with the other ultra fit fans. PK