Online Training

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: (see contact form below) and tell me your: height, weight, age.

My three decades as a fitness professional and six years in the NFL has given me unique insight into what it takes to be the best; as we say in the NFL “be a professional in everything you do”.

Aside from optimizing athletic performance my expertise includes: generalĀ strength development, hypertrophy/bodybuilding, powerlifting, youth training, injury prevention, women-centric training, corrective exercise and importantly – fat loss.

Fee: Contact me for details of the different packages I offer that fit everyone’s need and budget.

3 thoughts on “Online Training

  1. Hi Pete;

    David Dworsky here. I was wondering if you could send me the different trading options you have. Also, my son needs the training as well, as I mentioned previously, my son recently moved to Los Angeles. Wondering if you do in-person training as well?



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