Online Training

Contact me: (see contact form below) and tell me about yourself: height, weight, age, training history (type, intensity, length of time, frequency) a list of musculoskeletal injuries, general health concerns and other relevant issues. Also describe your short and long-term goals (increased strength, fat loss, athletic performance etc.). Photo’s: Only include photos if you are comfortable doing so but know that they provide me with valuable information about your static posture, muscle tone etc. Service: I am confident that I can help the great majority of people reach or at least progress toward their goals, but I do screen applications and accept new clients on a case by case basis. If I approve you, I will email you a questionnaire to fill out and return to me.

Fee: I charge just $99 for a 10 week cycle of online training including my food coaching and supplement advice. You will email me photos, measurements and bodyweight also energy levels etc every other week and will evaluate and makes adjustments accordingly. This is the fun part – getting you really dialed into to succeed!

Program: Based on your information (and photo’s), I will write you a personalized workout program that is oriented to your specific goals. I can write the program from scratch or modify your existing program, whichever your prefer. You may email me (I encourage you to) questions about the program so that I can modify the program to optimize benefit. Additionally you can send me video clips of you performing exercise’s so I can critique your biomechanics (form), tempo and overall movement quality. You can also email me your weekly workout log and I’ll give you feedback each week.

Send me an email and tell me what you want to discuss and importantly accomplish during our conversation. I prepare for each call and the more specific your questions are – the more helpful I can be. Include your telephone number and several good days and times to call.

My six years in the NFL has given me unique insight into what it takes to be the best; as we say in the NFL “be a professional in everything you do” Aside from optimizing athletic performance my expertise includes: general strength development, hypertrophy/bodybuilding, powerlifting, youth training, injury prevention, women-centric training, corrective exercise and fat loss.


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