Covid-19 means your fitness and weight control has never been more important

Fitness and Health Coach, NFL Defensive End and Actor Pete Koch aka Swede

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world by targeting: the elderly, those with preexisting disease ex. heart disease, diabetes and those with high body mass. The virus will not stop spreading and killing anytime soon and a vaccine is unlikely until late 2021 at the earliest. What this all means is everyone, who cares about their health and indeed life, needs a plan as to how they will get and stay physically fit and most importantly lean for years to come. Contact me for information regarding my “Safe at Home” fitness and health coaching. Be well, Pete

America’s Top Online Trainer

Pete Koch Online Fitness Coaching is my way of helping people to realize their lean fitness and ultimate health potential through direct phone consultations and personalized programming. No generic programs – ever!

My four decades of fitness and sports training combined with a life long commitment to the principles of ‘healthspan’ (nutrition, sleep, recovery) have positioned me to help people maximize their strength, vitality and mood. Through my online programing I can program fast, safe fat loss, and rapid muscle developing/toning. The best part is you’ll feel your mood elevate and confidence sky rocket. Online training is a cost effective investment in yourself because you stop wasting time with ineffective training and eating strategies and for a fraction of the cost of one-on-one training.

Here’s how it works!

Program: Based on your information, I will write you a personalized Strength, Cardio and Fitness workout program that is custom designed to meet your specific goals. I can write the program from scratch or modify your existing program, whichever your prefer.

My three decades as a fitness professional and six years in the NFL has given me unique insight into what it takes to be the best; as we say in the NFL “be a professional in everything you do”.

Aside from optimizing athletic performance my expertise includes: general strength development, hypertrophy/bodybuilding, powerlifting, youth training, injury prevention, women-centric training, corrective exercise and importantly – fat loss.


Contact: me for details of the different packages I offer that fit everyone’s need and budget.